How to Date a Rich Man

Women do not date broke men, that’s for sure. That however does not mean that women are gold-diggers, it just means that no woman is willing to pay for dates, movies or dinners. That is a preserve of the man and any man worth his reputation should not ask for splitting of the bill.

Now that going after Mr. Moneybags is acceptable, let me show you how to meet a man whose bank account would scare all the suitors you have met before.

Be classy and cultured
If you have ever wondered where the fool and his money met, you are not alone. There is a huge scarcity of fools with money. Chances of the guy with the Bimmer next door being an idiot are zero. Nada!  You therefore need to be of class and well-mannered like a cultured person. Most rich people have been brought up in proper families and have a problem socializing below their social standing.

Look like a Queen on her Wedding Day
Even men with nothing to offer are choosy. No man wants to be seen with a woman who looks like she just stepped out of a coal mine. Rich men are particularly choosy. You can’t blame them as they get lots of women throwing themselves at them. You must be dressed for conquering and the men you meet must get an adrenaline rush. 

If you are giving the male species more butterflies than they can handle, then the alpha male may just be for you. After all, women want a dominant man; you can’t fail with the leader of the pack.

Don’t be Trashy
It is one thing for men to get a hard on every time they see you and another one to be attracted to you. A trashy woman just gets men coming after her for the honey and never keeping the pot. If a man thinks that it’s out there for everyone, they won’t want to keep you.

A few classic pieces especially a dress will get rough men treating you like you would break if they let you go. People will always treat you by the image you portray and investing in a decent wardrobe can serve you well in finding you the guy with the key to endless shopping and trips.

Go Easy on the Make Up
Given a chance, most men would choose a natural woman. However many women feel threatened when they see others looking glamorous in all colors of the rainbow. They will smear their faces with every piece of make-up they can lay their hands on. While some little make-up can accentuate your beauty, overdoing it makes you look unreal or even scary. 

Be a Lady
Some men have a problem with women who show affection in public. This is not just for rich men only. A lady on the street and a tigress in bed is more like it. Save your wild gyrations for bedminton and you will always receive that call when the night is still young.

Do your Research
Some men may claim to be of status by borrowing cars, money, house etc. The power shifts as soon as he takes you to bed so it would be a good thing if you found out if he was worth unleashing your goods for. Otherwise you could end up being joke for dudes. Remember men who lie about their status are more likely to kiss and tell, just to nurse their egos. If you ever wonder why his friends hit on you too, it must be because he told them of the one night stand you had when his borrowed Toyota and the soft loan he was spending got the better of you.

Money can’t buy Happiness
Inasmuch as you want to marry money, remember that there are bored millionaire housewives out there. The dude is rich enough to hire a private eye so don’t think about some escapades with your newest catch. Moral of the lesson? Don’t be blinded by money to avoid looking at things like character, attraction and bonding. They are the things that sustain a relationship in the long run.